Housing assignments are based on a survey of housing preferences expressed through the application form.

The school can provide assistance to find accommodation. The price of accommodation organised by the school includes transfers from the train station or from the city terminal to your lodgings, and assistance from our student experience staff. The price will depend on the type of accommodation requested. If you wish you can organize your own accommodation.

Student apartments

Student apartments are the best option for those who wish to share this experience with other people. To facilitate the use of Italian as a lingua franca the apartments are usually integrated, with a mix of Italians and students from other countries. Located close to the language school, student apartments are comfortable and have shared bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Single and double occupancy is offered. Bedding and facilities are included in the cost. Occupancy starts from 12.00 noon of the Saturday before the courses start until 3:00 pm of the Saturday after the courses end.

Studio apartment

Couples or individual students who prefer a more independent and private setting can opt for a studio apartment. Each studio apartment is well furnished and is generally located in the historical center.


Living with an Italian family is a greater opportunity to open a more intimate window into a new culture and experience the real Italian lifestyle. The student is generally integrated into the family life. Each homestay family is selected and monitored according to strict criteria and to qualities such as sincere interest in learning about other cultures and willingness to devote time to talking and doing things with the student thus encouraging total language and cultural immersion. Homestay families live near the school or in areas well connected by bus. Single or double rooms are offered. The home stay program fee includes breakfast and one meal (lunch or dinner).

For more information about accommodation, please contact us with any questions you may have

Disability service

Psychological Consultancy

Bring your family with you

You have 2 options in order to have your husband/wife and child/children under 14 years old stay in Italy with you, provided that you stay for 1 year at least and you fulfil economic and housing requisites.

FAMILY COHESION: Letting your spouse and children come together with you with a tourist visa (If the Embassy allows) or with no visa if your country is waived and then, once in Italy, they apply for “family cohesion”. To apply for the family cohesion program, you need to have:

– your marriage certificate OFFICIALLY translated into Italian AND legalized

– the birth certificates of your children OFFICIALLY translated into Italian AND legalized

(Official translations are made in the Italian Embassies or by authorized translators).


FAMILY REUNION: You coming first, then asking for the “nulla osta” from Questura and Commissariato del Governo (3 months at least are needed). After this procedure your family can get to Italy with a reunion visa.

PLEASE NOTE: for the application of nulla osta you need to have the “residenza” in Casamasima-Bari (application possible only 2 months after your arrival).

In both cases you have to:

– prove that your family income (scholarship/grant or work income, no savings) is at least of euro 5.953,87/year + the half of this amount/year for each family member you are going to invite;

– have a suitable accommodation.

For more info, please visit


Students willing to study in Italy need to be covered by health insurance.

There are different types of health insurance policies according to the student’s citizenship (EU or non-EU student).

Make sure to take your European Health Insurance Card

(EHIC) with you or S1 Form. The free card gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Cards are issued by your national health insurance provider 

In case you do not have European Health Insurance you have to buy a private insurance.

112 is the emergency telephone number (free of charge) for emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police) valid for the European Union countries. The call centre will be available 24 hours a day with a simultaneous translation service in 14 languages.

Stay permit

Up to 90 days

You are allowed to move without restrictions throughout Italy without applying for a stay permit.

There are no requirements to fulfil during your stay in Italy, provided you have a valid identity document.

Over 90 days

You are allowed to move without restrictions throughout Italy without applying for a stay permit.

If your study period in Italy is longer than 12 months, you have to register in the “Anagrafe della popolazione residente” at the Local City Hall (Comune) and change your permanent address (residenza). To get the Italian “residenza” you need:

– a certificate of enrolment in the LUM University;

– passport or identity card;

– a private full-cover health insurance;

– proof of adequate economic means during your stay in Casamassima-Bari. Alternatively, you can sign a statement declaring that you have sufficient financial resources;

– your housing contract registered on your name

Please contact our International Desk for help and/or any questions you may have.