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Master of Science degree in

Economics and Management

The Degree Course offers a complete and in-depth view of the business context, in a dynamic and modern key. The training objective is to create a professional profile capable of applying methodologies, knowledge and skills necessary to hold positions of responsibility in the administration and governance of companies.

To this end, a solid methodological basis is provided to analyze complex phenomena of financial, social and legal nature, also thanks to skills in data science and quantitative analysis. Graduates will be able to understand economic phenomena and problems of companies and entities that operate in complex and rapidly changing contexts. This Course also provides the content to face the State Examination for the profession of Public Accountant.

There are six recommended paths:

  • Administration, Finance and Control,
  • International Management,
  • Data Science and Digital Transformation,
  • Public Administration and Healthcare,
  • Digital Marketing and Retail Management
  • Finance.

The student, upon enrollment in the first year of the course, will have to opt for one of the six recommended courses.

Course Coordinator: Prof. FIlippo Vitolla

Note on the study plan: choose 1 course among those marked with (*)

Study Plans

Digital Marketing e Retail Management

The recommended study plan in Digital Marketing and Retail Management aims to build specific knowledge in the marketing function and transversal skills in the economic-managerial field for large-scale distribution and modern retail, in an innovative perspective and permeated by new digital technologies .

The course develops a complete preparation on the fundamentals of marketing management in a global key (brand management, consumer analysis, pricing policies, sales strategies) and with great attention to the modern management of distribution channels.

Graduates can work as a brand manager, retail manager, omnichannel marketing manager, as well as in the field of strategic and marketing consultancy.

Only one course among those marked with (*)




A.A. 2022/2023 - Per gli studenti iscritti al 1° anno

Il piano di studi consigliato in Finance si focalizza sull’acquisizione delle conoscenze e delle competenze specialistiche in campo finanziario, con un approccio di tipo trasversale che integra saperi avanzati di management, finance, accounting, economics, diritto e metodi statistico-matematici. Il percorso è dedicato a coloro che intendono gestire in modo altamente professionale, anche in contesti internazionali, aspetti avanzati di corporate finance, analisi dei mercati finanziari e gestione degli intermediari finanziari e assicurativi.
Il percorso, che eroga anche insegnamenti in lingua inglese, consente ampi sbocchi professionali in diversi ambiti: manager e analista in banche, società di assicurazioni e altre istituzioni finanziarie; analista e consulente aziendale nell’ambito della funzione finanza e nell’area finanza delle grandi società di consulenza e delle autorità di vigilanza e supervisione nazionali e internazionali.

Per il primo anno è possibile scegliere solo un insegnamento tra quelli contrassegnati con (**)

Per il secondo anno è possibile scegliere solo un insegnamento tra quelli contrassegnati con (*)



Docenti: Marco Bacini

International Management

The International Management program allows a broad and dynamic vision of the business context, focused on understanding international scenarios and on how to build innovative strategies. The course is dedicated to those who intend to build a career internationally, with a complete preparation on the main managerial skills. This program is concluded by completing an exchange program abroad or an internship with one of our partner Erasmus and the Global Exchange Program universities.



Innovation Management e Digital Transformation

The recommended study plan in Innovation Management and Digital Transformation focuses on the development of transversal skills in the economic-managerial field, computer science and innovative technologies, and innovation-oriented statistical-mathematical analysis. These are essential to initiate digital transformation processes in various types of business organizations (from companies to financial intermediaries and PA) allowing an innovative approach in the creation of business models oriented to the application of technologies.

Students enrolled will carry out an internship in ITCs or in consulting companies operating in the digital transformation field.



Public Administration and Healthcare

The Public Administration and Healthcare program is focuses on interpreting the role of public services and the ways in which public administrations can act to maintain an economic business balance consistent with the need to provide increasingly efficient services to citizens.

This course provides a complete and in-depth preparation in the economic and legal field with the objective of career placement in the following areas: public administration, non-profit organizations, and management of public and private health structures.

Students enrolled can do an internship in health facilities and/or in public administrations.



Administration, finance and control

The recommended study plan in Administration, Finance and Control focuses on the acquisition of the economic-legal skills necessary to operate in all business and professional activities that require specialized preparation in the administrative and financial fields: private practice, business consulting, auditing, administrative management and management control. The course offers a complete and in-depth view, fully integrated with modern business management tools.

For the graduated in Administration, Finance and Control, LUM University has signed an agreement with Association of Chartered and Qualified Accountants that exempts them from the first test of the State exam.



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