Computer Classroom

Life at LUM

LUM’s Computer Classroom is in our Faculty Building, and it offers students the chance to use personal computers. There are nineteen posts, one of which is for the teacher.
All computers are networked, have Microsoft Office softwares installed, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and they all have an internet connection and the access to the classroom’s printer. Contents can be shared also via video projector in order to attend group lessons. The classroom is designed in total compliance with law 626.

Students can view their study material, examine works from the library, both online and on cd-rom and dvd-rom, and they can use all classroom’s tools for their works on theses, papers, and for internet research.

LUM’s Computer Classroom is also used for standard lessons, as an additional tool for teachers needing it, or for specialization courses that need a computer support.

Access time 
Monday-Friday: 11AM-1PM and 2PM-5.30PM
The classroom is supervised by LUM’s Computer Classroom manager.