Erasmus+ Program



Erasmus: the great opportunity of students’ mobility, to enrich your knowledge and relationships. In this section you find the opportunities to spend some of your student’s career in one of the countries taking part to LUM’s program, the chances to study in Italy, and the experiences of those who chose to study abroad.


Erasmus+ Program Coordinator at LUM University is prof. Patrizia Guida, Vice-Rector for International Relations





Erasmus+ KA2

Strategic partnerships are forms of long duration cooperations between High Schools and other organizations, both public and private, operating in education, training, or for youth in general, that aim to support development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices in organization/institution, at a local, regional, national and European level. Amongst the main goals that strategic partnerships are expected to achieve:

  • a higher quality in education and teaching
  • stimulating synergies between different fields and with the labour market
  • to encourage a strategic use of new technologies, according to the Modernization Agenda for High Schools

Who can participate?

Any organization, both public and private, operating in education, training, or for youth in general, or in other socio-economic field, and organizations performing activities similar to those of the aforementioned fields.

High Schools taking part to a strategic partnership (whether they are coordinator or partners), must have ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education).

For a strategic partnership to be formally admitted, it must be formed by at least 3 organizations coming from 3 Programme Countries.

Participation by organization coming from Partner Countries is allowed only as partner (not as coordinators), and only if the added value they bring to the project is clearly proven.

The project: duration and eligible activities 

A strategic partnership can last 2 or 3 years. Its duration must be chosen when the application is sent.
As for eligible activities, the ERASMUS+ Program offers great versatility to strategic partnerships, as long as there is a match between proposed activities and the priority/goals they aim to, as yearly indicated by European Commission. For further information, please read the Guide of the Program.

A strategic partnership must aim, first of all, to produce Intellectual Outputs, that is tangible results, both quantitative and qualitative; results that are realized by the project (e.g. CVs, educational material, open educational resources, computer tools, analysis, studies). In order for strategic partnerships to be valued as admitted, they must be sustainable, that is capable of last over time and produce benefits not only within, but also out of the partnership’s boundaries.

Moreover, a strategic partnership can realize transnational learning, teaching, and training activities, as long as these activities give an added value useful to reach the project’s goals. Among these, the following kind of activities are eligible:

– Intensive Study Programs
– Combined Mobility (virtual and physical) of students, for a short duration
– Short duration joint meetings to train staff
– Long duration mobility for teachers (for teaching or training)

Speaking of quality, the projects for strategic partnerships are judged according to criteria valid all over Europe.
In particular, a strategic partnership is judged for the relevance of the project, its quality of elaboration, the quality of the partnership itself and the agreements for cooperation it includes, and the dissemination plan and its impact.

How to apply
The online application form and the guide to its compilation are available in the EFORM section of Erasmus+’s website.

Marco Polo and Turandot

The Marco Polo project is designed to facilitate the enrolment of Chinese students at Italian universities.

Through the Marco Polo project, Chinese students wishing to enrol at a university programme in Italy can obtain an entry visa even if they have no knowledge of the Italian language. To participate, students must successfully attend an Italian language course lasting ten or eleven months at one of the Italian universities or language schools involved before starting the chosen university programme.

Every year the LUM University reserves a number of places for Marco Polo students.


If you are a Chinese student interested in the Marco Polo project, carefully read the guidelines on the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

Please note that the deadline to pre-enrol from an Italian Embassy or Consulate for a.y. 2020/21 is 31 July 2019 (for those selecting an 11-month Italian course) or 27 August 2019 (for those selecting a 10-month Italian course).

When pre-enrolling you must specify where you will attend the Italian language course and the degree programme you wish to enrol in, choosing among the programmes which reserve places for Marco Polo students.


If you are a Marco Polo student:

– you must attend the Italian language course in the period and at the school or university chosen upon pre-enrolment from the Embassy;

– you must successfully pass the final exam of the Italian language course mentioned above, obtaining at least the B1 level;

Students can attend the Italian Language Course at LUM University School of Italian for Foreigners.

Marco Polo students can only enrol in degree programmes taught in the Italian language.

Please check LUM University Educational Offer :

  • Laurea triennale di Economia
  • Laurea magistrale di Economia
  • Luarea triennale di Giurisprudenza
  • Laurea magistrale di Giurisprudenza
  • Laurea triennale di Ingegneria Gestionale
  • Laurea triennale di Enogastronomia