LUMinsieme is our department dedicated to the management of disabilities; technical and educational aids are available, and students can find specific services designed on specific needs.

Our aim is to guarantee a complete integration and right to study to all of our students in compliance of laws 17/99 and 170/2010.

LUMinsieme segnala l’Avviso Pubblico del 14.05.2020 per l’assegnazione di n. 40 buoni acquisto di sussidi didattici ed ausili tiflologici connessi alla frequenza di percorsi scolastici e universitari, corredato da relativa domanda di partecipazione.

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Our services

  • Specialised support, for people with serious disabilities
  • Mediation with teachers for tailored procedures, dispensing methods and compensatory tools, given in compliance with laws
  • Specialised study assistance (typhlological expert, study mentor)


Corpo Aule - Lum Jean Monnet Casamassima (BA)


Email to: or call 080/9021670


The Dean's Delegate for Disabilities is Professor Antonello Tarzia:

Office Manager Dott.ssa Federica Ada Angiuli: