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The Department of Management, Finance and Technology offers professionalizing Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, aimed at developing the knowledge and skills most appreciated by the professional world: from analysis tools to understand the evolution of markets and of the international economy, to the most recent business management techniques (strategy, organizational management, marketing, budget, planning and control).

Students enrolling in this course can access Double Degrees with

These courses make it possible to create an integrated study program, which includes periods of mobility and the opportunity to attend and get to know international academic realities and to obtain two degrees.

Dean of the Department is prof. Candida Bussoli

Choose among three recommended study plans:  Management, Business Administration and Digital Economy and Marketing.

Note about the study plan:
Choose 1 exam between those followed by (*)
Choose 2 exams between those followed by (**)

Study Plans


The Bachelor’s degree in Management offers a comprehensive view of companies and of their competitive systems, developing well-rounded managerial skills. Marketing, strategy, organization, accounting, programming are the cornerstones of a serious business-economic program. The Bachelor’s degree in Management offers wide-ranging knowledge, which can be used in any working context from the corporate world to the freelance profession and allows you to choose the area of specialization at a later time.




Business Administration (Italian/English)

This study plan in Business Administration is characterized by an international vision thanks to a number of subjects taught in English. Students  have the opportunity to share innovative teaching methodologies and approaches together with foreign Institutions within the ERASMUS+ network of partner universities.




Marketing and Digital Economy

The recommended study plan in Marketing and Digital Economy provides skills and abilities for the integration of management with new technologies. In particular, students will learn the economic rules of new digital business models, improving their competence in quantitative analysis of big data and IT skills. This course is particularly fit for those who want to develop web marketing and social media communication skills.




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