Gastronomy and International Hôtellèrie

Department of Legal and Business Sciences

The three-year degree course in “Gastronomy and International Hôtellèrie” provides the legal, economic and practical skills needed for a wide range of careers in the food and drink industry, as well as in public health, nutrition and hospitality.

Jobs directly related to the degree include:

  • Food technologist
  • Health and safety inspector
  • Product/process development manager in a food manufacturing company
  • Production manager
  • Quality manager
  • Chef
  • Hotel Manager (from family-run B&B to 5-star hotel)

This Course provides a Gastronomy laboratory each year (14 CFU/year), which will be held at the 5-star hotel Castello di Ugento, which provides LUM students with the experience of its Cooking School.

During the weeks dedicated to the cooking School, our students will stay in the Masseria Le Mandorle, a 5-star residential hotel, with full board.

As part of our BA in “Gastronomy and International Hôtellèrie”, students have the opportunity to attend visits (6 CFU) to food processing companies and partner hotels of different size and quality. Purpose of the visits is to give the students the opportunity to Learn by Doing through meeting, engaging and interacting with the management teams and the top-level executives of the companies.

The cooking lab

Hands-on cooking, tasting and evaluating approach used to teach students professional cooking techniques. Emphasis is placed upon understanding how ingredients and cooking techniques affect product outcome. The activities, divided into macro areas (kitchen, bakery and pizzeria, pastry and ice cream parlor, wine and dining room), will also be aimed at:

  • enhancing and promoting local, national and international traditions by identifying new trends;
  • check and use food from an organoleptic and gastronomic point of view;
  • create combinations of food and drinks for mutual enhancement;
  • make preparations consistent with the context and the needs of customers, also in relation to specific dietary needs;
  • integrate customer-oriented professional skills with linguistic ones, using communication and relational techniques to optimize the quality of the service.

Course Coordinator: Prof. Patrizia Guida

Piano di Studi

Gastronomy and International Hôtellèrie

A.A. 2022-2023

The program fosters the development of lateral skills, such as managing oneself, others and businesses; it teaches students how to lead, communicate and use storytelling to create memorable dining experiences; it enhances their social and professional attitudes to strengthen their leadership, all of which is taught in an evolutionary and cross-disciplinary way through challenges that put our students and their skills to the test.

Please note that the subjects are taught in Italian. Check here for the subject taught in English.





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