Culinary Arts and Business Management

Department of Legal and Business Sciences

The new Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Arts and Business Management aims to provide a training course, quite innovative at a national level, consistent with the national emerging trends that require highly qualified entrepreneur-chef capable of facing the challenges of the international scene. The job market in fact highlights the growing demand for experts in gastronomic culture capable of operating in different professional contexts connected with the gastronomic productions and preparations, to the promotion, communication and enrichment of the Italian food and wine culture.

We refer to qualified technical – professional figures, able to operate in the food and wine sector, both by holding top positions in a restaurant company and in the hospitality sector, and by covering technical-organizational roles in the same companies and sectors: manager of the kitchen and catering, logistics, raw material procurement, facility manager or manager, project manager.

In line with the objectives of the degree course, the training path aims at making graduates acquire multidisciplinary knowledge and skills relating to the entire food and wine chain, with reference to the production and preparation of food, its promotion and enhancement, management and marketing of food and wine and food design, the legal discipline of the food sector and corporate management, the history and culture of food, dietary and nutritional aspects, as well as the combination of health and nutrition.

The strength of the new degree course is the allocation of 45 CFU to laboratory activities for basic and characterizing teachings closest to gastronomic peculiarities and food processing, in full compliance with the qualifying training objectives, which assigns a fundamental role to “laboratory activities connected to characterizing disciplines”.

Piano di Studi

Enogastronomia d’Impresa

A.A. 2021/2022 - Per gli studenti iscritti al 1° anno

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3° anno

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